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Sonic Youth’s “Goo” Cover Gets “Rebirth” in Response to BLM, COVID-19

Raymond Pettibon’s iconic black and white illustration is getting a social makeover in time for its 30th anniversary, depicting some serious messaging and political satire.

The Diabolical Friendship Cure: Alternatives to the Unholy Bro-ly Alliance of Trump and Putin

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are threatening the evil friendships genre by implicating it in their anarchic plot to destabilize the world; but that doesn’t mean that all diabolical friendships are bad. Let us count the ways.

WATCH: Odenkirk and Cross Get the “Mr. Show” Gang Back Together in First “W/ Bob and David” Sketch

“I’m gonna be a famous, no-nonsense TV judge.”

Jesse Pinkman’s Party House from “Breaking Bad” is Up for Sale

Meth sold separately.

WATCH: You Will Atone in the First Traditional Trailer for “Better Call Saul”

Better Call Saul’s publicity rollout has been both peculiar and awesome so far, but as the show’s premiere quickly approaches, it appears that the end is…

WATCH: New Teaser for “Better Call Saul” Brings Mike and Saul Back Together Again

Now that it’s been over a year since the final episode of Breaking Bad, you may be starting to get the shakes without your required…


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