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Breaking: Bayonne

Roger Sellers abandoned life as a composer for pop music. If only it were that easy.

Breaking: Mothers

The Athens quartet are living up to their city’s musical legacy.

Breaking: Boulevards

Getting up to get down with the Raleigh fount of funk.

Breaking: Margo Price

Getting a much-needed slice of humble pie with the Tennessee-via-Illinois country artist at the forefront of a Third Man–led traditionalist revival.

Breaking: Hotel Van Zandt

Austin’s newest lodging accommodation is something special—from high, low, and in between.

Breaking: Natalie Morales

Tom Haverford’s boo comes into her own on “The Grinder”—but that’s not even the half of it.

Breaking: Lucius

Grabbing breakfast with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig to talk the soul sisters’ new LP “Good Grief.”

Breaking: Reed Morano

The director of the elephantine indie “Meadowland” plugs in to shine a light on where the roads of her career meet—and how those roads have brought her to where she is now, shooting Martin Scorsese’s “Vinyl.”

Breaking: So Pitted

Nathan Rodriguez and his band are boldly going where no rock band has gone before—and fucking around a bit, too.

Breaking: Boss Selection

Producer Sunny Levine steps out from behind the boards on his collaborative LP.

Breaking: Sket One

Catching up with the Los Angeles–based artist on the occasion of his Star Wars–themed FLOOD Gallery show

Breaking: Little Pine

Moby’s new vegan eatery opens November 19 in LA’s Silverlake neighborhood.

Breaking: Julien Baker

The Tennessee–based singer-songwriter fights addiction, darkness, and death on her debut LP, “Sprained Ankle”.

Breaking: Seinabo Sey

The angel-voiced artist behind massive single “Younger” talks about overcoming fear and finding her own style.

Breaking: BØRNS

After getting the Taylor Swift co-sign on his debut EP, the Los Angeles transplant drops his first full-length.

Breaking: Wand

The Los Angeles psych-rock trio talk about their tireless work ethic, the challenges of touring, and why they are thinking of slowing things down on the heels of their newest album “1000 Days”.

Breaking: Son Little

The genre-hopping soul singer talks about sonic invention, past collaborations, and his self-titled solo debut.

Breaking: Grace Mitchell

The rising eighteen-year-old from Oregon is ready for what’s next.

Breaking: Shopping

East London’s sharpest post-punks just want you to dance with their sophomore album “Why Choose.”

Breaking: Salad Boys

From the depths of a dusty living room, New Zealand trio Salad Boys cobble together one the year’s most auspicious indie-pop debuts, “Metalmania.”

Breaking: Cole Bowden and The Bob’s Burgers Experiment

Grabbing a bite with the man who decided to make all of Bob’s burgers.

Breaking: Josh Gondelman

One of the minds behind Modern Seinfeld on what the deal is with making a fool of yourself on the Internet.

Breaking: La Luz

Shana Cleveland, leader of the Seattle surf-rock band, talks about being inspired by the emotional riptides of life.

Breaking: Deradoorian

Angel Deradoorian returns from the wilderness with her first solo full-length record, “The Expanding Flower Planet.”

Breaking: Slime

The London producer is home alone on his debut LP, “Company.”

Breaking: Keith Stanfield

Making the trip from “Selma” to South Central with the “Straight Outta Compton” actor.

Breaking: Strange Wilds

Rebelling against the jocks and their Nirvana records with the heavier-than-heaven Olympia power trio.

Breaking: Bully

Bringing down misconceptions—and building up a new era—with the Nashville quartet on the heels of their devastatingly vicious full-length debut.


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