Tag: Christopher Nolan

The Best Films of 2017

Ten movies that defined the year, for better or for worse.

In Conversation: Hans Zimmer Wasn’t Made for Pop Music

One of the planet’s most experimental film composers gets out from behind the boards for Dunkirk, a live tour, and more.

Kodak Is Reviving Super 8 Film with a New Analog/Digital Camera

Perfect for all your professionally amateur filmmaking endeavors.

AMC Introduces Unlimited “Interstellar” Ticket

In response to the absolutely insane demand to see (and re-see) Christopher Nolan’s dimension-shifting, Neil deGrasse Tyson-approved Interstellar, AMC and Paramount have teamed up to…

Jonathan Nolan to Write and Produce Adaptation of “Foundation” for HBO

Fresh off the earth-crushing (and Neil deGrasse Tyson-approved) wave that is Interstellar, Jonathan Nolan is wasting no time getting very busy with a few high-profile…

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Takes to Twitter to Explain Why “Interstellar” Totally Nailed The Whole Science Thing

As you already know, Christopher Nolan’s space-epic Interstellar came out last week, effectively taking over this world by telling a story about humans having to…

WATCH: “Star Wars: Episode VII” Teaser Reveals Millennium Falcon With Some Surprise Baggage

Director J. J. Abrams releases what looks like Star Wars footage, but adds a touch of Batman to the mix.


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