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“The New Negroes” Takes the Black Renaissance to Comedy Central

Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaughn’s new show presents a platform for black, left-of-mainstream acts.

The Hired Lows: “Corporate”’s Creators Are Down to Funny Business

For Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman, the recipe for the creative success of their comedy series “Corporate” is one part inspiration, one part perspiration, all parts depression.  

Stumbling Into Brilliance: An Oral History of “The Daily Show”’s Early Years

Even before it was shaping the national conversation and hosting sitting presidents, The Daily Show was skewering the way the media delivers the news. Ahead of their panel at Politicon, the show’s creators and early correspondents tell us how it all came together.

Key and Peele Announce Return to Television After Lengthy One-Month Hiatus

We didn’t even have a chance to miss them.

Lewis Black and “The Tonight Show” Writing Staff Added to the New York Comedy Festival

The festival takes over NYC from November 10–15.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Bids Farewell to Sixteen Years at “The Daily Show”


“Key & Peele” Call It a Day

The current season of the duo’s Comedy Central show will be its last

Comedy Central Streaming Every Single “Daily Show” Episode Concurrently in Run-up to Jon Stewart’s Final Show

Here it is, your Month of Zen.

WATCH: “The Daily Show” Says Goodbye to Senior “Senior Correspondent” Correspondent Samantha Bee

“So we hid her in a trunk and raced back over the border, pursued by Mounties. Canada had no idea what it was losing.”

WATCH: This “Football Town Nights” Sketch From “Inside Amy Schumer” Last Night Is Brilliant

“How do I get through to you boys that football isn’t about rape? It’s about violently dominating anyone that stands between you and what you want!”

Trevor Noah’s Twitter Past Might Hurt His “Daily Show” Future

The Internet’s wrath is swift.

New Correspondent Trevor Noah Chosen to Replace Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”

There is no set timetable for your upcoming tears of goodbye, yet

Key and Peele to Make Feature-Length Film Based on “Mr. Garvey” Sketch

The duo’s portrayal of a former inner city substitute in the white suburbs is hitting the big screen

Jason Jones Is Leaving “The Daily Show,” Too [UPDATED]

The prospective new “Daily Show” host contenders are dwindling by the week.

Most Anticipated Television of 2015

At the close of 2014, we celebrated a few of our favorite television shows of the year, and with the turn to a new year, it’s only fitting that we…

Jon Stewart Is Leaving “The Daily Show” [Updated]

Comedy Central has announced the surprising news that Jon Stewart will be stepping down from The Daily Show. Thank you Jon. pic.twitter.com/yPdxjnkuLw — Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) February…

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Gets Rid of Some Priceless Junk in a Yard Sale

Over the last couple of months, Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central have been trying to slowly ease us into the cold harsh truth(iness) that The Colbert…

Best Television of 2014: “Broad City”

This year, if we had to pick the one show that taught us the most about the power of friendship through strong female role models, it had to…

WATCH: The “Broad City” Gals Show Us How to Survive This Year’s Holiday Parties

With December finally here, the holiday season is in full-swing. That means that instead of spending your coveted, lazy weekends to yourself, you’ll likely be primping,…

WATCH: “Broad City” Returns With a NSFW Trailer for Season Two

Abbi and Ilana will be back in your lives and hearts January 14.

WATCH: Broad City Bangs On With Hiatus Webseries

While Broad City‘s second season doesn’t premiere until January of 2015, that hasn’t meant that Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, creators and stars of the show, have…


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