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Serengeti, “With Greg From Deerhoof”

David Cohn and Greg Saunier’s improvisational album balances anxiety and quirk in a way only these two artists could.

FLOOD Essentials: November 2019 feat. Jim Sullivan, FKA Twigs, Deerhoof, and More

Our recommendations from turkey month.

With Three Reissues, Deerhoof Is Challenging Their Own Critical Narratives

Deerhoof is said to have grown more accessible over its twenty-five years. Greg Saunier and Satomi Matsuzaki couldn’t agree less.

Deerhoof’s Ed Rodriguez Is a Very Easy Scare

The experimental rock vets put their spin on two creepy classics from “The Shining”’s soundtrack—and Rodriguez, who took the helm on the project, might have been the most spooked out of everyone involved.  

The FLOOD Top 40

Our favorite tracks of the year, (almost) all in one place.

FLOOD’s Best Records of 2016 (So Far)

It’s been six months already?

Deerhoof, “The Magic”

For over two decades, Deerhoof has shown how far a little weirdness can go.

Konono N°1: “Konono N°1 Meets Batida”

The Conogolese rhythm aces’ hypnotic swirl of customized kalimbas and booming, trance-inducing percussion gets smoothed over—but only slightly.

Deerhoof, “Fever 121614, Live in Japan”

What are live albums for, anyway?

WATCH: Michael Shannon Versus Michael Shannon in Deerhoof’s “Exit Only” Video

No one fucks with Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Revolutionary Road), not even himself. “Good” Shannon was just minding his own business, reading a book, and having…

Deerhoof, “La Isla Bonita”

“La Isla Bonita” is another testimonial of their avant-punk-pop charm and innovation, still untouched two decades in the game.


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