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Emma Ruth Rundle Brings a Dream to Life with Her “The Company” Video

Her new album “Engine of Hell” is out now via Sargent House. 

Emma Ruth Rundle, “Engine of Hell”

Stripped of textured guitars and big sounds characteristic of her past output, Rundle leans into singer-songwriter qualities reminiscent of Nick Drake or Sibylle Baier.

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou, “The Helm of Sorrow”

The doomy pair share more mournful explosions of existential tragedy and aggressive solemnity that transcend genre.

Signal Boost: 15 Tracks from June 2020 You Should Know

Our Associate Editor’s favorite pre-released singles, album deep cuts, and tracks by unfairly obscure artists from the past few weeks.

LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Levitation 2019

Angel Olsen, The Flaming Lips, Chelsea Wolfe, Dinosaur Jr., and more brought their psychedelic sounds to Austin this past weekend.

10 Artists We Won’t Forgive You for Missing at Levitation 2019

Austin’s annual psych-rock fest is full of big names—but you’re dead to us if you miss these ones.

LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Pasadena Daydream Festival with The Cure, Deftones, Pixies, and More

The music fest curated by Robert Smith also featured Throwing Muses, Chelsea Wolfe, and Mogwai.


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