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Ryan Murphy Is Starting a Foundation to Find and Employ Diverse Directors

50% of directors on Murphy’s shows will be women or minorities by the end of 2016.

Key and Peele Announce Return to Television After Lengthy One-Month Hiatus

We didn’t even have a chance to miss them.

“Serial” the TV Show Is Coming

Also, keep an ear out for the two new stories coming from the original podcast this fall.

Hot Stuff Coming Through: Smithers to Come Out as Gay in New Season of “The Simpsons”

“As you can see, the real deal with Waylon Smithers is that he’s Mr. Burns’ assistant. He’s in his early forties, is unmarried, and currently resides in Springfield. Thanks for asking!”

WATCH: Fox Drip Drops the Season Two Trailer for “Empire”

Cookie Lyon’s back.

It Starts: The 2015 Emmys Nominations Are Here

“Game of Thrones” leads the pack with twenty-four nominations.

You Have to be Willing to See: Fox Prepares for “201 Days of ‘The X-Files'”

Get ready to dive back into the paranormal with the FBI’s most unwanted.

Perfectly Cromulent News: Harry Shearer will Embiggen “The Simpsons” by Returning for Two More Seasons

“Am I so out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong.”

Definitely Not Excellent: Harry Shearer Is Leaving “The Simpsons” [UPDATED]

“They can change them and no one would know the diddly-ifference!”

Andrew W.K. Announces Show on Glenn Beck’s Radio Network

Party hard-ish?

Believe It: “The X-Files” Is Coming Back to TV

Mulder and Scully will face the paranormal weirdness once again…for six episodes

WATCH: A Star-Studded Cast Hunkers Down in “Wayward Pines” Trailer

Chad Hodge and M. Night Shyamalan are set to bring their creepy small town to your television screen later this spring

May “The Last Man” Win

Will Forte, Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller’s post-apocalypse is just getting started.

Most Anticipated Television of 2015

At the close of 2014, we celebrated a few of our favorite television shows of the year, and with the turn to a new year, it’s only fitting that we…

WATCH: “Gotham” Teaser Trailer Gives A Peek Of Some Of The Series’ Villains

Fox is taking the well-known name of the crime-ridden Gotham City and giving us an origin story behind Commissioner Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) career start, along with that…


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