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The Brangelina Cure: Relationships That Will Restore Your Shattered Faith in (the Noble Lie That Is) True Love

Brad and Angelina are Brangelinathingofthepast, but rather than brooding upon the ephemerality of romantic relationships or the fragility of human projects as a whole, let’s celebrate, instead.

Happily Ever After: “Hail, Caesar!” Is a Silver Screen Daydream

The Coen Brothers’ seventeenth film is a delightful appreciation of old Hollywood.

WATCH: Would That It Were So Simple for Alden Ehrenreich to Recite His Lines in “Hair, Caesar!” Trailer

“You should be marching right along to ‘So simple.'”

WATCH: Celebrate the Holidays with Food, Booze, and Attractive People in New Trailer for “A Very Murray Christmas”

The holiday spectacular is out via Netflix on December 4.

George Clooney to Reportedly Direct Upcoming Coen Brothers Noir “Suburbicon”

He’s bonafide.

WATCH: “A Very Murray Christmas” Gets Its First Trailer

The holiday special premieres on Netflix on December 4.

WATCH: George Clooney Returns to the Haircut that Made Him Famous in Coen Brothers’ “Hail, Caesar!” Trailer

In theaters February 5.

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”: Three Takes


Kendrick Lamar Will Be Stephen Colbert’s First “Late Show” Musical Guest

Lamar was also the last musical guest on “The Colbert Report.”

Christmas Comes Very Early with Netflix’s Upcoming Bill Murray Holiday Special

“A Very Murray Christmas” will, naturally, premiere in December

WATCH: Here’s the First Teaser Trailer for Disney’s Latest Theme Park Adaptation, “Tomorrowland”

“What if there was a place, a secret place, where nothing was impossible?” George Clooney asks in this first glimpse of the highly anticipated upcoming Disney film. Tomorrowland,…


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