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Nobody Wants to Party with Us: a Playlist for a Socially Distanced Halloween

14 tracks from 2020 that sum up this skin-crawly year.

A Brief History of Witchcraft in Music

Just in time for Halloween, the most noteworthy witches in modern music.

Tyler, the Creator Wants to Sell You an “IGOR” Halloween Costume

The rapper has transformed his latest project into this holiday’s freshest look.

Not One, But Two “Halloween” Sequels Are Coming

Might seem like overkill, but then again Michael Myers likes his killin.’

Deerhoof’s Ed Rodriguez Is a Very Easy Scare

The experimental rock vets put their spin on two creepy classics from “The Shining”’s soundtrack—and Rodriguez, who took the helm on the project, might have been the most spooked out of everyone involved.  

Haddonfield, Revisited: John Carpenter’s Walk Back to “Halloween,” Forty Years Later

What many consider the scariest movie ever made started as a casual idea tossed out to a young filmmaker who understood the terror inherent within our own homes. That filmmaker also knew how to play the synthesizer. 

He Said, He Said: Do Ghost Stories Suck or Nah?

Uh…boo! It’s everyone’s favorite Halloween topic: the effectiveness of ghost stories. Two of our spookiest contributors make their case using the preferred forum of pop-culture enthusiasts everywhere: Slack.

To Walk the Night: Green-Wood Cemetery and Atlas Obscura host “Into the Veil”

This is the night when the gateway between
our world and the spirit world is thinnest. Tonight is a night to call out those who came before. — Samhain prayer to the Ancestors

Michael Myers to Unleash Slasher Horror Upon a New Generation in Upcoming “Halloween” Reboot

The new installment will be penned by two “Saw” writers


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