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I Just Rewatched All Four “Indiana Jones” Movies on Netflix and Let Me Just Say: What the Fuck?

With the classic adventure series now freely available to everyone with their parents’ login, let’s take a moment and think about how incredibly bizarre these movies really are.

Leia Shot First: Saying Goodbye to Carrie Fisher

“My generation was not tainted by the fantasy of Leia, but rather encouraged to aspire to the love of women like her.”

Harrison Ford Will Pretend to Care About “Star Wars” Land in Upcoming Disney Special

“The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60” premieres on February 21 on ABC.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Saves J. J. Abrams from a Harrison Ford-less “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

“Think about somebody else for once, Harrison Ford!”

WATCH: Harrison Ford Whispers at Camera and Surprises Fans for Charity

“What do you mean old characters?”

Benicio Del Toro Said to Be in Line for Villainous Role in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”

“Che: Part Three – Che in Space”

WATCH: Visit the Set of “Star Wars” in a Behind-the-Scenes Reel Aired at Comic-Con

Behold: a wild Simon Pegg appears.

More Human Than Human: Roger Deakins Signs On for Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner” Sequel

Oh, and Ryan Gosling is probably gonna star.

Harrison Ford Will Reprise Role as Rick Deckard in the Planned Sequel to “Blade Runner”

“Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve is tapped to direct, with production involvement from Ridley Scott and original co-writer Hampton Fancher


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