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Our Picks for Oscar Host 2019

Eat your heart out, Academy.

WATCH: Loretta Lynn Brings “Everything It Takes” to “Fallon”

“She’s cold as ice, but you still think she’s hot.”

WATCH: A Tribe Called Quest Reunites on “The Tonight Show” to Perform “Can I Kick It?”

Still no word on how this affects the future of the group.

Universal Studios Orlando is Building a Jimmy Fallon Ride

Dear Universal Studios, thank you for figuring out how to turn the concept of a man sitting behind a desk into something people will stand in line to experience.

WATCH: Big Grams Perform “Fell in the Sun” on “Fallon”

Big Grams is out today.

WATCH: Morrissey Manages to Play Live in United States on “Fallon”

Demands that you “Kiss Me A Lot.”

WATCH: Seeing Double? Neil Young Plays “Old Man” With… “Neil Young” On “The Tonight Show”

Jimmy Fallon’s impression of the legend has come full-circle.

WATCH: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and Jimmy Fallon Compete in a Lip-Syncing Battle Royale

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a strange show to wrap your head around. On the one hand, you’ve got a less-than-stellar host who loves…

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe Can Rap; Proves It By Performing “Alphabet Aerobics” In Its Entirety on “The Tonight Show”

Definitely not Daniel Boringcliffe.

WATCH: Ira Glass Addresses His “Shakespeare Sucks” Tweet With Jimmy Fallon

When a performance of King Lear failed to move This American Life host and producer Ira Glass earlier this summer, he took to Twitter to express…

WATCH: The Replacements Play “Tonight Show”

The punk band returns to NBC after being banned for nearly three decades.


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