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John Carpenter Finds Joy in Soundtracking the Gore of “Halloween Kills”

The Master of Horror talks soundtracking the latest installment of the horror franchise he launched over 40 years ago.

John Carpenter, “Lost Themes III: Alive After Death”

Carpenter accomplishes a meditative dread he avoided as a filmmaker on his latest “Lost Themes” installment.

Not One, But Two “Halloween” Sequels Are Coming

Might seem like overkill, but then again Michael Myers likes his killin.’

Announcing FLOOD 9, featuring Paul Dano, Wu-Tang Clan, M.I.A., and Tenacious D

Our biggest print edition yet features four cover stories across two collectible versions, as well as stories on John Carpenter, Spiritualized, Dawoud Bey, boygenius, Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, and much more.

Haddonfield, Revisited: John Carpenter’s Walk Back to “Halloween,” Forty Years Later

What many consider the scariest movie ever made started as a casual idea tossed out to a young filmmaker who understood the terror inherent within our own homes. That filmmaker also knew how to play the synthesizer. 

Don’t Miss: S U R V I V E

Abstract horror soundscapes: coming soon to a festival near you.

Aaron M. Olson of LA Takedown Offers Up His Ten Favorite Film Scores

Wanna see movies of your dreams? Look no further.

In Conversation: “Loving” Composer David Wingo on Separating Inspiration and Imagination

Jeff Nichols is one of the most exciting directors working today, not just because of his own artistic vision, but also because of the people…

John Carpenter Announces “Lost Themes II” and Upcoming Tour Dates

The follow-up to 2015’s “Lost Themes” will be released this April.

Legendary Composer John Carpenter Will Make Live Performance Debut at ATP Iceland

Sacred Bones will release a remix version of his “Lost Themes” LP

Michael Myers to Unleash Slasher Horror Upon a New Generation in Upcoming “Halloween” Reboot

The new installment will be penned by two “Saw” writers

John Carpenter, “Lost Themes”

Whether or not it was the intention, John Carpenter’s “Lost Themes” is petrifying.

LISTEN: John Carpenter Announces Debut Solo Album; Shares Fantastic Opener, “Vortex”

In addition to writing and directing many iconic films including Dark Star (1974), Halloween (1978), Escape From New York (1981), and The Thing (1982), modern renaissance man John Carpenter also composed the…


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