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Watch Bill and Jonah’s Excellent Interview

Comedian Jonah Ray catches up with Alex Winter to talk about the return of Bill and Ted.

“John Wick” Is Saving Action Movies

“The Matrix” made computers cool twenty years ago. “Wick” reminds us how unnecessary they are in making a quality action film.

The Cynicism Cure

A sincere celebration of principled people and the art they produce.

WATCH: Paul Rudd, Stephen Hawking, and Keanu Reeves Save the World Through One Game of Quantum Chess

“Stephen Hawking? He can open for me!”

Uh-Oh, Someone Set Him Off Again: There May Be a “John Wick 2” Coming

The action-packed over-the-top awesomeness of John Wick—not to mention its insane kill count—was one of 2014’s most enjoyable movie-going experiences (and a critical hit—the flick is still sitting pretty…

Your 2015 Razzie Award Nominations Are Here

In 1981, the publicist, copywriter, and true American hero John J. B. Wilson hosted the first ever Golden Raspberry Awards in his living room, honoring…

CONTEST: Win a “John Wick” Prize Pack on Facebook

As retired hit man John Wick in the film sporting the same name, Keanu Reeves is back on the big screen doing what he does best:…

Keanu Teaches Us To Learn From Our Dreams, Inevitably Reminds Us How To Love In Newest Reddit AMA

Now that Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series has launched into a certifiably powerful tool for any celebrity looking to do PR while still in pajamas,…


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