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WATCH: Ty Segall Mugs Through the “Californian Hills” on “Conan”

“You’re looking well, Ty.”

WATCH: Joanna Newsom Performs “A Pin-Light Bent” on “Seth Meyers”; Did Not Like “The Hobbit”

“Throwing keys over horses… I didn’t follow it really.”

WATCH: Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin Are Two Best Friends Singing a Friend Song

Or Colbert is just on a lot of cold medication.

WATCH: Lucius Are a “Born Again Teen” on “Colbert”

Two singers, one mic; two guitarists, no bass.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Is All Alone in the Spike Jonze–Directed Alternate Intro to “The Late Show”

One of the darker things you’ll ever see on Late Night, courtesy of “Sesame Street.”

WATCH: Abbi and Ilana of “Broad City” Trip Out on Bagels with Stephen Colbert

Season three premieres tonight on Comedy Central.

WATCH: Margo Price Brings “Hurtin’ (on the Bottle)” to “Colbert”

Price’s debut, “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter,” is out March 25 on Third Man.

WATCH: Joanna Newsom Returns to the City to Play “Leaving The City” on “Colbert”

In case you needed any motivation to buy tickets for her current tour.

WATCH: Public Image Ltd. Get into “Double Trouble” on “Colbert”

“And don’t you dare vote Donald Trump!”

WATCH: A Tribe Called Quest Reunites on “The Tonight Show” to Perform “Can I Kick It?”

Still no word on how this affects the future of the group.

WATCH: Run the Jewels Get a Little Help from TV on the Radio for a Performance of “Angel Duster” on “Colbert” [UPDATED]

Plus: A first look at new RTJ albums including “Squawk the Jewels,” “Nixon Tapes the Jewels,” and more.

WATCH: Bully Graces Late Night with a Performance of “Trying” on “Conan”

A meeting of two glorious hairdos.

WATCH: Bob Dylan Sends David Letterman Off with “The Night We Called It a Day,” His First (and Ultimately Last) Visit to the Show in Decades

Also, Dave reveals his two things to know in the world.

WATCH: Future Islands Return to “Letterman” to Premiere “The Chase,” Dedicate It to the People of Baltimore

“You’re welcome here anytime. I won’t be here, but you’re welcome anytime.”

WATCH: Jon Snow Is The Worst Dinner Guest

“I never knew my mother, I’m a bastard… The brussels sprouts are amazing. What’s this? Pancetta?”

WATCH: Will Smith Raps “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It” on “Letterman,” Makes Dreams Come True

On Wednesday night, Will Smith reminded America that he’s still one of the greatest celebrities alive by breaking into an excellent rendition of his 1997 mega-hit “Gettin’ Jiggy wit…

WATCH: Seeing Double? Neil Young Plays “Old Man” With… “Neil Young” On “The Tonight Show”

Jimmy Fallon’s impression of the legend has come full-circle.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Joining the Late-Night Squad

“Star Talk” has started filming this week, and will live on the NatGeo Channel

“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Now Has an Official Start Date (And It’s Not Til September)

Though David Letterman will wrap up his legendary late-night campaign on May 20 (unfortunately taking the magical man that is Paul Shaffer along with him),…

WATCH: Stephen Colbert and America are Ready for Dewitos

Over the years, Stephen Colbert has performed his civic duties as a patriot by shoving the truthiness of the world down the throats of Real America…

WATCH: Christoph Waltz’s Dramatic Interpretation of the “Sesame Street” Theme Song Will Bring You to Tears

Though we were disappointed to not see his name on the final cast list for The Hateful Eight, Christoph Waltz is keeping very busy these…

Caffeinated Comedy: On the Couch with Eric Andre

The new ruler of late-night insanity takes a coffee break with us to talk about what to expect from season three of “The Eric Andre Show” on Adult Swim.

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe Can Rap; Proves It By Performing “Alphabet Aerobics” In Its Entirety on “The Tonight Show”

Definitely not Daniel Boringcliffe.

WATCH: Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and Samantha Urbani Do Something Different On “Kimmel”

Last night, Devonté Hynes and lover/collaborator Samantha Urbani took Jimmy Kimmel Live by storm with a refreshingly atypical late night performance of Blood Orange‘s Cupid Deluxe standout,…

WATCH: Ira Glass Addresses His “Shakespeare Sucks” Tweet With Jimmy Fallon

When a performance of King Lear failed to move This American Life host and producer Ira Glass earlier this summer, he took to Twitter to express…

WATCH: Your Cool Uncle Jeff Goldblum Sings the Lyrics to the “Jurassic Park” Theme Song

Last night, your cool uncle Jeff Goldblum swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers to serenade a willing audience (who later tarred and feathered the…

WATCH: The Replacements Play “Tonight Show”

The punk band returns to NBC after being banned for nearly three decades.


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