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Please Bear with Me While I Explain That “The Lord of the Rings” Is a Maternity Allegory

With the film trilogy’s 20th anniversary creeping up, here’s something new to consider when rewatching it for the dozenth time: It is a movie about childbirth.

Don’t Post Fireworks Videos—Watch These Movie Scene Fireworks Instead

Why post blurry Fourth of July vids on social media when you could post screenshots from these classic works of cinema?

The Convention Cure: Non-Toxic Alternatives to Life at the RNC in CLE

We’ve all spent a lot of time in Cleveland this past week, metaphorically speaking; let’s remedy that with some R&R at these pop cultural paradises.

WATCH: Martin Freeman Is Back to Selling Paper in “The Office: Middle Earth” on “SNL”

In anticipation of the final installment (God willing) of The Hobbit, Martin Freeman hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, helpfully taking the occasion to contextualize…

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Bonds With Smaug the Dragon in a “Report”-Ravaging Interview

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert is massive Lord of the Rings fan (he’s got Aragorn and Bilbo’s swords in his studio and you might remember his cameo appearance as…


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