Hear Lupe Fiasco, Open Mike Eagle, and Joseph Chilliams’ Freestyle Tributes to MF DOOM

Raps inspired by the late emcee have been pouring in since it was revealed that the underground legend passed away in late 2020.

Signal Boost: 15 Tracks from December 2019 You Should Know

Our Associate Editor’s fav pre-released singles, album deep cuts, & tracks by unfairly obscure artists from the past few weeks.

Atmosphere, “Fishing Blues”

Hyper-awareness and gnarled wordplay—that which defined Atmosphere and its ilk’s brand of hip-hop—is now, on the duo’s seventh studio LP, that which makes it merely fine.

The Avalanches, “Wildflower”

How do you follow up a sixteen-year-old plunderphonic pop masterpiece? With a neon-tinted mixtape.

The Avalanches Return to Earth with “Frankie Sinatra” Clip

How do you follow up one of the most mythical records of the past twenty years? You blow out that beat.

Sound Board: The Week’s Best Tracks

Depending on where you live, you’re either basking in an autumnal glow or roasting like a pig on spit. America! It’s a big place, y’all. Whatever…

LISTEN: Madlib, M.E.D., and Blu Share “Knock Knock” feat. MF DOOM

The collaborative LP “Bad Neighbor” will drop October 30


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