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ART Is ACTION: Michael Stipe, Cat Power, Patti Smith, MUNA, and More Define Political Action

What does taking social, political, or artistic action look like for you? Rain Phoenix reached out to Melody Ehsani, Grouplove, Aloe Blacc, and other creative activists for their input, as well as to learn what causes they’re most passionate about.

Hayley Williams, Miley Cyrus, Michael Stipe, and More Paid Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg Last Night

“Honor Her Wish” celebrated the legacy of the trailblazing Supreme Court Justice.

Michael Stipe, Flea, and Rain Phoenix Remember River Phoenix on What Would Be His 50th Birthday

In honor of River’s birthday, his sister Rain reveals two new Aleka’s Attic tracks with the vinyl release of “Alone U Elope.”

Rain Phoenix Has Something For You to Hear

The singer remembers her brother River, recalls singing with Michael Stipe, and dreams of health food stores.

What Noisy Cats Are We: Celebrating “Lifes Rich Pageant,” R.E.M.’s Great Shot in the Dark at Growing Up

As the album turns the same age that the band was approaching at the time they were making it, thirty never sounded so young.

Maps and Legends: Michael Stipe Lists His Ten Desert Island Books

One might say that if it were…the end of the world…these are the books that he would clutch the closest.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Gets Rid of Some Priceless Junk in a Yard Sale

Over the last couple of months, Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central have been trying to slowly ease us into the cold harsh truth(iness) that The Colbert…


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