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WATCH: New Order Performs “Ceremony” in 1981

The video is from the upcoming “Definitive Edition” of New Order’s debut album “Movement.”

PREMIERE: Drag City’s Dead Rider Arrive Alive in “The Ideal” Clip

From the group’s forthcoming “Crew Licks.”

PREMIERE: 4AD’s Methyl Ethel Are Comfortably Conflicted in “Drink Wine” Video

It’s the North American premiere of the “Everything is Forgotten” clip.

PREMIERE: Loscil Floats in the Dark in “Deceiver” Video

“A depiction of depression by aAron munson”

PREMIERE: LA Takedown Hang With Very Good Dogs in “Bad Night at Black Beach” Video

From May’s “II.”

PREMIERE: Pioneer 11 Creep Through the Galaxy in “Grumpy Goomba” Video

The LA digi-psych duo’s POW debut will drop later this year.

PREMIERE: my education Sing for the Road on “Class A”

The Austin post-rock ensemble takes flight.

PREMIERE: Cody Crump Teaches You How to “French Kiss,” Dance in New Video

In case you don’t already know. Seems like pertinent info.

PREMIERE: Xander Singh Puts Synth-Pop—and His Life—in “ICU”

The former Passion Pit member confronts the loss of love and his sense of self on his new album “Muffin.”

PREMIERE: beGun Brings Heavy Emotions to the Desert in “Namibe” Video

Taken from the “AMMA RMXD” LP, out now via Foehn.

PREMIERE: Hypoluxo Are Here to Help You Shoot the Jay in “Fronts” Video

The darkwave Brooklyn band released “If Language” back in September.

PREMIERE: South Africa’s Portable Gets Lost in the City, Finds Refuge in the Andes in “Closer” Video

The African electronica auteur’s semi-self-titled album Alan Abrahams dropped in August.

PREMIERE: Dizzyride Take You to the Hills of Armenia in “Soundtrack” Video

“To hell with passports, let’s all be free.”

PREMIERE: Aidan Knight Goes Deep in “What Light (Never Goes Dim)” Video

Dive! Dive! Dive!

PREMIERE: Golden Daze Give Up the “Ghost” in New Video

Visit your mom.

PREMIERE: Sara Lov Gets Animated in “Rain Up” Video

The heartfelt track from last year’s “Some Kind of Champion” gets an equally heartfelt clip.

PREMIERE: Lou Barlow Stares into “The Breeze” in New Video

From the good-timin’ “Apocalypse Fetish” EP.

PREMIERE: Joan of Arc Return with “Stranged That Egg Yolk” Video, First Q&A Since Reforming

From January’s “He’s Got the Whole This Land is Your Land in His Hands.”

PREMIERE: Horse Thief Seek “Another Youth” in New Video

The OKC thunderers will release “Trials and Truth” on January 27.

PREMIERE: Soft-rockers PREP Want to Know “Who’s Got You Singing Again” in New Video

The group’s debut EP, “Futures,” is out now via B3SCI.

PREMIERE: Rayon (The Notwist’s Markus Acher) Goes Soft-Focus Satie in “Kona” Video

Taken from “A Beat of Silence,” which dropped last Friday.

PREMIERE: In “Hatikva: The Next Generation,” Solilians’s Droning Dub is Shot Through with Bright Light

The band will release Shin on November 18.

PREMIERE: The Blind Shake Will Fight You, Too, in Animated “I Shot All the Birds” Video

Look out, #33.

PREMIERE: The Meditative Metal of True Widow’s “FWTS:LTM” Gets an Equally Aching Video

The Dallas “stonegaze” trio released their latest album “AVVOLGERE” via Relapse last month.

PREMIERE: Fight Your Post-Debate Malaise with Navy Gangs’s “Mondays” Video

From the New York-via-Omaha group’s self-titled EP.

PREMIERE: New Madrid Serve Up a Psychedelic Burger in the “Not Up to Me” 360º Video

From the band’s latest album, April’s “MAGNETKINGMAGNETQUEEN.”

PREMIERE: OY Travels to a New Planet on “Space Diaspora”

The avant-garde Berlin duo drops the 3D video for their latest single.

PREMIERE: And Now, A Special Message for the Far-Right from The Peep Tempel

“In Tony’s little factories of misguided pride, entitled greed / Blunt skulled foreman ring their bell, parading with their fear to sell.”


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