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Watch the Stars of the Original “Valley Girl” Movie Reunite in a Video Conference

Deborah Foreman, E.G. Daily, and Heidi Holicker chat with Amy Talkington, writer of the new musical adaptation.

In Conversation: The Stars of the Original “Valley Girl” Movie Reunite

Deborah Foreman, E.G. Daily, and Heidi Holicker reunite to chat with the writer of the new musical adaptation 

Like, Oh My God! Iconic ’80s Movie “Valley Girl” Available on Digital Platforms for First Time

The movie that helped launch the career of a teenaged Nicolas Cage is now streaming.

In “Vampire’s Kiss,” We’re Laughing with Nicolas Cage, Not at Him

Thirty years later, the black comedy remains among the most underrated films in the Cage canon.

The Best Films of 2018

Ten movies we think are wild and weird and worthwhile.

Mandy Is Metal

If you squint, Panos Cosmatos’s latest psychedelic feature is actually a lonesome martyr’s fantasy to save heavy metal from the Reagan administration’s threatening anti-pornography policies.

But What Do They Really Do in the Shadows?: A Brief History of Empathy in Vampire Film

Biography, allegory, and satire give voice to a severely misunderstood entity.

The Coppolas, Ranked

Oscars, Schmoscars. We’ve got the real winners of the family right here.

The Road-to-Ruin Cure

The things that you want are not necessarily the things that are good.

Yes, Hi, Hello: Might I Direct You to the “Family Man” Website from 2001?

Nic Cage movies (and romantic regrets) are timeless, but web design is not.

Nic Cage Fighting Vince Neil in Vegas Is the David Lynch Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

“Sailor Ripley, you get me some music on that radio this instant.”

WATCH: Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood Are Corrupt Vegas Cops in “The Trust” Trailer

No sign of Sky Ferreira, though.

WATCH (AND CRY): Nic Cage Tries on His Superman Costume in “Holy Grail” Footage from Tim Burton’s Failed ’90s Reboot

It was too good for this Earth. Too pure.

Your 2015 Razzie Award Nominations Are Here

In 1981, the publicist, copywriter, and true American hero John J. B. Wilson hosted the first ever Golden Raspberry Awards in his living room, honoring…


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