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WATCH: Your Friends Are on the Menu in the Insane, R-Rated Trailer for “Sausage Party”

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s twisted animated movie is out August 12.

WATCH: Paul Rudd, Stephen Hawking, and Keanu Reeves Save the World Through One Game of Quantum Chess

“Stephen Hawking? He can open for me!”

Here’s Your First Look at “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp”

Camp Firewood’s fresh-faced campers seem…so…mature?

Joss Whedon Defends Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” That Never Was, Calls the Script the Best Marvel Ever Had

Raise your Cornettos high in solidarity.

WATCH: Welcome Campers!: Netflix Teases New “Wet Hot American Summer” Series

It was welcome news at the beginning of the year to learn that we’d soon be returning to Camp Firewood, and now Netflix has put…

“Wet Hot American Summer” Sequel Series Coming to Netflix

It’s been fourteen years since we took a trip to camp with Coop, Beth, Andy, Gene, and the whole gang, but it looks like Camp…

WATCH: The First Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Introduces the Relationship Between Lang and Pym

The long-drawn-out drama on the production set of Marvel‘s Ant-Man was an industry water-cooler staple last year. The passion project of cult, visionary director Edgar Wright…


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