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Becca Mancari’s Songs About Staying True

The playlist arrives along with the Nashville songwriter’s “The Greatest Part,” out today via Captured Tracks.

Pom Pom Squad’s Songs That Celebrate Their Journey to Queerness

Mia Berrin threw together a playlist of songs that helped her own her queer identity.

Meet Me @ the Altar’s Songs That Shaped Their Pop-Punk Sound

The trio share fifteen tracks that inspire their vibrant take on punk.

Advertisement Share the Sprawling, Proggy “Freedom,” as Well as 22 Songs That Shaped It

It’s the second single from their debut album, American Advertisement, out July 10.

PLAYLIST: Juan Wauters’ Latin Music That Inspired “Más Canciones De La Onda”

The Uruguayan songwriter shares some tracks that helped him write his new travelogue EP.

PLAYLIST: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s Songs in the Orbit of “Sideways to New Italy”

The jangly Melbourners share a handful of songs they had on repeat when penning their sophomore album.

PLAYLIST: Varsity’s Songs From People They Miss

With their third LP “Fine Forever” out today, the Chicago rockers share songs from the folks they’re eager to hug post-quarantine.

PLAYLIST: V.V. Lightbody’s Songs for Being V.V. Comforted/V.V. Caffeinated

The Chicago songwriter compiles a two-tier track list for coffee hour.

PLAYLIST: Cold Hart’s Late Night & Sunshine Bangers

The GothBoiClique rapper compiles songs that go equally well on late night drives or basking in sunlight.

PLAYLIST: Jess Williamson’s Songs That Are Getting Her Through the Quar

Stream the stay-at-home sounds of Fiona Apple, Debussy, and Bobbie Gentry.

PLAYLIST: Boston Manor’s Songs That Inspired “GLUE”

Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Deftones are among the groups that influenced BM’s latest record.

PLAYLIST: Day Wave’s Late Night Quarantine Essentials

With his new EP “Crush” out today, Jackson Phillips shares eleven tracks he’s been returning to lately.

PLAYLIST: Local Natives’ Songs That Influenced “Megaton Mile”

Guitarist Ryan Hahn shares a few tracks the band leaned on while penning their “Violet Street” single.

PLAYLIST: Overcoats’ Favorite Songs of 2020

The electronic duo share recent favorites from fellow artists who planned on spending their spring on tour.

PLAYLIST: Violent Soho’s Songs That Are Better Than a $1,200 Check

The grungey Aussies share some isolation tunes following the release of their new LP.

PLAYLIST: NNAMDÏ’s Songs to Isolate To

The songwriter talks “BRAT,” quarantine, and the tracks that are getting him through it.

PLAYLIST: Dogleg’s Formative Punk, Emo, and Post-Hardcore Tracks

Alex Stoitsiadis shares a handful of tracks that influenced his band’s hectic punk sounds.

PLAYLIST: Margaret Glaspy’s Songs That Speak to Her Heart and Soul

Coinciding with the release of her second album, Devotion, the songwriter lists her favorite soulful jams.


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