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20 Songs You Can Find Bad Bad Hats Walking To

With her band’s latest LP “Walkman” dropping this week, Kerry Alexander shares a playlist fit for your portable music player.

Stream Amyl and The Sniffers’ “Random Shit We Like Cause No One Knows How to Follow Basic Instructions” Playlist

With “Comfort to Me” out this week, the Australian group shared some songs that, yeah, have very little to do with that.

Spirits Having Fun Share a Playlist of Their Favorite Indie Rock Tracks by Jazz Kids

With the band’s “Two” dropping today, Andrew Clinkman introduces us to our new favorite microgenre.

Water From Your Eyes Made Us an Acrostic Playlist Based on Their Name

With their new album “Structure” out now, Nate Amos shared some important tracks whose first letters spell out his band’s name.

H. Jon Benjamin and Lucky Yates Made Us a Playlist Inspired by Their “Archer” Characters

With the show’s 12th season kicking off tonight, Benjamin and Yates share 19 tracks that define Sterling Archer and Dr. Algernop Krieger.

17 Songs That Inspired Shannon & the Clams’ New Album “Year of the Spider”

The Oakland ensemble’s sixth album is out now via Easy Eye Sound.

10 Songs That Inspired David Duchovny’s New Album “Gestureland”

With his third album dropping this Friday, Duchovny shares what he and his band were listening to during the recording process.

Luna Luna Share Their Full Moon Playlist

With their debut LP “Flower Moon” out now, the Dallas synth-pop quartet share 10 tracks to moongaze to.

10 Songs That Influenced Still Woozy’s Debut Album “If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is”

Sven Gamsky shares a playlist of tunes that inspired the genre-hopping sounds of his new LP, out tomorrow via Interscope and Still Woozy Productions.

Polo & Pan’s Favorite Contemporary French Artists

On the heels of their second studio album, the Parisian duo shares a playlist of their favorite French peers.

Jodi Shares Their Musical Mood Board for “Blue Heron”

Nick Levine reveals a playlist of influences on their debut record, out this Friday via Sooper Records.

The Go! Team Share Their Favorite Songs That Spotlight the Flute

“Get Up Sequences Part One” is out now via Memphis Industries.

The Marías Pair Songs From Their New Album “CINEMA” with Iconic Film Scenes

With their debut album out now, the band squeezes their new singles into scenes from “Black Swan,” “Paris, Texas,” and other movies.

Arrested Youth Shares His Summer Nostalgia Playlist

With his new album “Nonfiction” out now, Ian Johnson fondly recalls the pop-punk greats of the 1990s and 2000s.

LA Dreams of the UK: Cold War Kids Share a Playlist of Their British Influences

Nathan Willett shares which overseas artists the band was listening to while putting together their new LP “New Age Norms 3.”

Courting Share Their Picks for the 10 Best Kanye West Tracks

The Liverpool-based group back-up their Yeezy namedrop on “Grand National” with a playlist.

Cola Boyy Shares a Playlist of the Tracks That Inspired Each Song on “Prosthetic Boombox”

Matthew Urango’s long-awaited debut album drops this Friday via Record Makers/MGMT Records.

PRONOUN’s Songs That Help Her Not Wanna Die

Alyse Vellturo shares a playlist inspired by the lead single from her new “OMG I MADE IT” EP.

St. Lenox’s Songs From Indie Asian-America

Andrew Choi shares a playlist of his favorite Asian-American peers’ music ahead of the release of his fourth LP.

Helena Deland and Ouri’s Playlist Envisions the Daily Routine of Hildegard of Bingen

Named after the prophetic nun, the duo’s debut album is out today via section1.

Hear Kipp Stone’s “Songs I Wasn’t Supposed to Like” Playlist

The East Cleveland rapper lists a few dozen undeniable jams that helped inspire his new EP “Faygo Baby.”

Bad Waitress Share a Playlist of Their Favorite Tracks by Toronto Artists

The noxious punks’ latest single “Too Many Bad Habits” is out now via Royal Mountain Records.

CHAI’s Songs That Inspired Their New Album “WINK”

BROCKHAMPTON, Yaeji, TLC, Mac Miller, and more made the Tokyo-based fourpiece’s playlist.

PACKS Share a Playlist of Their Favorite Tracks by Other Artists with All-Caps Names

Their debut album “take the cake” is out tomorrow via Fire Talk/Royal Mountain Records.

Barði Jóhannsson’s Inspirations Behind His “Agony” Score

The Icelandic composer made a playlist of film score favs that inspired his work on the new Asia Argento thriller.

Man on Man’s Songs to Be Gay To

Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman list 16 tracks that match the queer affection of their new debut record.

Hear a Playlist of Songs LUCY’s Been Rocking with (That Aren’t by Elliott Smith)

Cooper Handy’s new album “The Music Industry Is Poisonous” is out now.

Squid Share a Playlist to Soundtrack De-Industrialization

Their debut album “Bright Green Field” is out tomorrow via Warp.


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