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The Best Songs of 2020 Not From 2020

In a year unlike any other, music of the past was eerily present (and prescient).

R.E.M., “At the BBC”

R.E.M. is one the best bands that America has ever produced, and, appropriately, “At the BBC” is an embarrassment of riches.

R.E.M., “Automatic for the People” (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Sometimes, a reissue of a classic album can reveal too much of the process. With “Automatic for the People,” the opposite is the case.

All My Life: Vic Chesnutt at the Limit

Singing the praises of the undersung singer-songwriter.

PREMIERE: Imaginary People Air Out Real-Life Problems in “Mr. Hesitance”

The New York post-punks are set to drop “October Alice” in April.

R.E.M., “Out of Time” (25th Anniversary Edition)

Beyond the big hits, R.E.M.’s seventh album is a record full of nuances, a record that matched the quantity of units sold with the quality of its songwriting.

PREMIERE: Big Search Embark Upon Just That in “Can’t Understand the News” Video

The former member of Foreign Born and The Cave-Ins goes it alone.

What Noisy Cats Are We: Celebrating “Lifes Rich Pageant,” R.E.M.’s Great Shot in the Dark at Growing Up

As the album turns the same age that the band was approaching at the time they were making it, thirty never sounded so young.

Tomorrow Today: An Indirectly Direct History of The Feelies

Forty years since meeting—and thirty-six years since delivering an all-timer in “Crazy Rhythms”—Glenn Mercer and Bill Million remain one of indie rock’s great duos. Ahead of their upcoming sixth Feelies LP, the two New Jerseyans take a look back at their idiosyncratic discography, piece by piece.

Jeff Tweedy, Ira Kaplan, Mike Mills, Jessica Pratt, Robyn Hitchcock, and More to Play Big Star’s “Third” in Los Angeles

This special edition of the Big Star Third Live band will be recorded for a film and album release.

Maps and Legends: Michael Stipe Lists His Ten Desert Island Books

One might say that if it were…the end of the world…these are the books that he would clutch the closest.

LISTEN: EDM R.E.M.: “The One I Love” Gets a Band-Approved Remix

This THUMP one THUMP goes THUMP out THUMP to THUMP the THUMP one THUMP I THUMP love.


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