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The Top 10 Musician Huffs, Ranked by We Are Scientists’ Keith Murray

Ahead of the release of his band’s new album “Huffy,” Murray counts down the most inspiring huffs committed by household-name artists.

The Top 10 Islands, According to Nick Thorburn of Islands

With 10 new tunes from the shapeshifting electropop unit out this week, Thorburn shares an equally important “islands” list.

Songs Called “1999,” Ranked

10 songs organized by how badly we’d like to party like it’s the year they’re singing about.

A Hardly Definitive Ranking of “Songs About” Albums

In case you were wondering how will.i.am stacks up to Venetian Snares.

You Do It To Yourself: Radiohead’s “The Bends” at 25 Years

A track-by-track ranking of the album that made me realize it was OK to be anxious.

A Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Best “Lover” Bridges

We ranked ’em pre-“Lover,” so now it’s time for a follow-up.

The 10 Hottest Chris Farrens, Ranked

The power pop songwriter lives every artist’s dream and ranks ten of his stunning “Born Hot” self-portraits for us.

The 10 Most Memorable “Between Two Ferns” Episodes

Ranking all the times Zach Galifianakis antagonized hot/wealthy people. 

A Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Ten Best Bridges

She’s practically an architect.

JPEGMAFIA Song Titles, Ranked

There’s a new Peggy track called “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot,” and it hardly breaks the top ten.

All the “Game of Thrones” Series Finale Looks, Ranked

The show is over, but fashion is furever. (Like, fur pelts. There are a lot.)

The Definitive Ranking of Movies with Two-Letter Titles

With “Us” hitting theaters last Friday, we’re ranking the ten most notable pioneering titles kept to two characters.

The New Emojis, Ranked

Ten new non-verbal ways to express yo’self.

Ten Prominent “Fuck” Bands, Ranked by Tropical Fuck Storm

In a time when profanity-laden band names have cluttered the blogosphere, TFS’s Gareth Liddiard lets us know which bands are worth of the meatspace they occupy.

All the Ugly Sunglasses in “Mission: Impossible 2,” Ranked

*flips hair out of eyes while rock-climbing*

All of Richard Linklater’s Movies Ranked by How “Boys Will Be Boys” They Are

[McConaughey accent] That’s what I love about these Linklater protagonists…

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s Five 2017 Albums, Ranked

The proggy psych septet destroyed any traditional conception of a release cycle last year, but each of their five LPs are worth talking about on their own.

Things Called “Arm and Hammer,” Ranked

Counting off five Hammers that are just so hyped.

The Coppolas, Ranked

Oscars, Schmoscars. We’ve got the real winners of the family right here.

All the Band Shirts Worn by the Baby Anarchist in “GLOW,” Ranked

Ready, steady, go.


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