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Watts, Friendship, and Humanity: Twenty-Five Years of “Menace II Society”

While often mislabeled as a “Boyz n the Hood” knockoff, the 1993 film’s precision in rendering the American male adolescent experience remains unmatched.

Non-Negotiable Casting Suggestions for Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Movie

Crank up the Beach Boys, baby: it’s time to figure this thing out.

WATCH: Boys Keep Swinging in the Trailer for “The Legend of Tarzan”

David Yates’s first feature since “Harry Potter” is out July 1.

The Reconstruction of Quentin Tarantino: Waiting Out the Storm with “The Hateful Eight”

Partly a tip of the cap and partly an obliteration of it, Tarantino’s latest presents a slow-burn situation in a quick-draw world.

Quentin Tarantino Will Be the Subject of An Upcoming Career-Spanning Documentary

Still waiting for confirmation that this will be released in 70mm.

WATCH: Quentin Tarantino Introduces Viewers to “The Hateful Eight”

Spend the holidays with someone you hate.

WATCH: Spike Lee’s Satirical “Chiraq” Gets a Trailer

“I will deny rights of access and entrance.”


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