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FLOOD FM’s “F Yeah Fridays” Ep. 20 feat. Glass Animals, Radiohead, Amyl and the Sniffers, and More

This week’s “Fave 15” podcast also includes Lana Del Rey, MUNA with Phoebe Bridgers, Sports, Big Thief, and Guided by Voices.

Ron Gallo Offers Sports Their First Remix Job with Their Take on “CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS”

The Oklahoman “band of wizards” rework the track from Gallo’s recent LP “PEACEMEAL.”

In Conversation: Jessica Luther Talks Rape Culture in College Football

With the issue of rape and sexual assault having turned into an epidemic inside of collegiate football programs, Luther’s book, “Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape,” takes a complete look at the problem—and offers a playbook of solutions.

FLOOD Presents The Year in Art and Culture

Media’s boundaries are more porous than ever, and great artwork abounds. So does weirdness.

Take Us With You, Vin Scully

When the GOAT hangs it up this weekend, we’re losing a lot more than just a golden voice.

Dad Rock: The San Diego Padres Are Responsible for the Worst Sports Songs Ever Written

Yes, even worse than Scott Stapp’s Marlins song. Lord forgive the parents who squandered their children’s chance for a normal life by subjecting them to this stuff.

Drinks With the Chicago Cubs: Five Cocktails Straight from Wrigley to Your Home

For those who can’t make it to Wrigley during this momentous season, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of what’s being served there.

The Championship Cure: Because There’s More to Life Than Winning

Pop cultural reminders that you don’t need a million-karat ring to feel like a million damn bucks.

Wild Kingdom Streakers: Our Favorite Animals Who Think They’re Athletes

“We’ve got a squirrel.”

The NBA Playoffs Are Ruined

Is Ewing Theory still in play when half the teams have lost a Ewing? At this point, it’s simply become a fight to stay healthy.

Why Sixty Is Greater Than Seventy-Three

The Warriors made history last night, but Kobe rewrote it.

Jon Daly and Adam Scott to Play John Daly and Adam Scott in “The Adult Swim Golf Classic”

Two comedians plagued with having the same name as a famous golfer are facing the issue head-on.

WATCH: Look at Michael Phelps’s Olympic Training in New Commercial

The legendary swimmer cried when he first saw the Under Armour ad.

RECAP: Air + Style Los Angeles at Expo Park at the Coliseum

Shaun White’s second annual music and snowboarding festival shot to new heights with the help of Big Grams, J. Cole, HAIM, and a sixteen-story snowboard jump.

Beyoncé Slays at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show featuring Coldplay and Bruno Mars

Shoutout to Mark Ronson for also showing up!

RIP: Dave Mirra (1974–2016)

The legend of extreme sports—who was to BMX what Tony Hawk was to skateboarding—was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Super Bowl Shills: Our Favorite Ads Starring Football Players

Trading chop blocks for acting chops.

WATCH: Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Commercials Look Real Weird

Hang out with Weezy and George Washington on game day.

Ram On: The NFL Brings the Blue and Yellow Back to Los Angeles

Pray for LA’s weekend traffic.

Air + Style Adds More Artists to Los Angeles 2016 Lineup

Danny Brown, Kaskade, and more will join J. Cole, Big Grams, and HAIM next month.

Serena Williams Named Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Sportsperson of the Year

The first woman to receive the honor since 1983.

RIP: Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Career (1996–2016)

“I don’t want to get too Zen-like on you guys, but honestly, in sitting in meditation, for me, my mind starts drifting—it always drifted towards basketball. Always. Always. And it doesn’t do that now.”

Shaun White Releases the Sophomore Lineup for Air + Style Los Angeles

J. Cole, HAIM, and Big Grams will hit the stage while world-class snowboarders hit the slope.

Bitter Rivals: Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller on LSU Football, Leonard Fournette, and Alabama

The Florida-born guitarist talks Tigers on the eve of Saturday’s SEC matchup.

Gold Medal Shredding: Surfing and Skateboarding Might Join the 2020 Olympics

Baseball and softball have returned to the proposed list from Japan as well.

WATCH: Competitive Eating Champion Kobayashi Wolfs Down a Goat in an Attempt to Reverse Chicago Cubs Curse

You read that correctly.

WATCH: Will Smith Takes on the NFL in the Trailer for “Concussion” [UPDATED]

“You’re going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week.”

Come On and Slam: Michael Jordan’s Original “Space Jam” Uniform Is Up for Auction

Somebody outbid LeBron, please.


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