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A Visit to Tónandi, Sigur Rós’s Virtual World Built on Billion-Dollar Technology

Via the natural collaboration of an LA-based startup and…an iconic Icelandic art-rock band (??), you can now add a surreal layer to the real world.

Tech Yourself Before You Fest Yourself

All the googaws and whatsits you need to heighten your festing experience.

There’s a “Fruit Ninja” Movie Coming, So Here are Eight More Totally Legit Films Based on iPhone Apps

If “Angry Birds” can be the most popular movie in America, why not Google Maps?

He Said, He Said: The Wikipedia Hall of Fame

Two of our editors discuss their use (and abuse) of the online encyclopedia using the preferred forum of pop-culture enthusiasts everywhere: G-chat.

Radiohead are the Internet’s Master Controllers

With the release of the “Burn the Witch” video, the group turn distribution into its own political art.

Tribeca Film Festival 2016: The Virtual Arcade

Sure, Tribeca’s short films were mind expanding and its stack of features were narratively ambitious. But its virtual reality component managed to do both.

WATCH: Run the Jewels Release Virtual Reality Video for “The Crown,” Announce VRTJ

Make it a Blockbuster night.

Google Will Find You, Wherever You Are in the World, with PlaNet

It’s impressive and terrifying at the same time.

WATCH: Get Involved in Santigold’s “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” Music Video

“99¢” is out this Friday via Atlantic.

RECAP: “TRON RUN/r” Game Launch with Giorgio Moroder at the DTS-Presented FLOOD Gallery Party

The electronica legend was on hand to welcome the new Disney Interactive game that he co-scored with Raney Shockne.

WATCH: Paul McCartney Writes Emoji Music, The Cosmic Ballet Goes On

Ten new “Love Mojis” featuring the Beatle’s take on 8-bit melodies are now on Skype.

Animal Collective Invite You to Get Your Bob Ross on with “Painting With” App

Paint with your pals while listening to “Lying in the Grass.”

Remain Blissful (or Angry) with Apple TV’s News App, Watchup

“Pandora for news” is here. Is that a good thing?

RECAP: A Response To Our Oceans: A Collection Curated By Adrian Grenier and Powered by Dell

FLOOD presented the evening at this year’s Art Basel.

YouTube Launches Music Streaming App

Called, appropriately enough, YouTube Music.

“Back to the Future” Day Was Excellent

Self-lacing Nikes, Neil deGrasse Tyson live-tweeting what the films got right, and more.

WATCH: Bob Dylan and Watson Go Head to Head in New IBM Commercial

“My analysis shows that your major themes are that time passes and love fades.”

Reddit Launches New Website Upvoted: “A Redditorial Publication”

The new site features original content sourced from Reddit itself.

YACHT Redefine “Traffic Jam” with New Uber-Linked Song and Video

The band’s new album” I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler” is out October 16 on Downtown Records.

Facebook is Finally Making a Dislike Button… Kind of

Hold your horses, Internet trolls.

Should You Buy Any of Apple’s New Products?

New iPads! New Apple TVs! Newish iPhones! Pencils!

Amazon Underground: A New Plan to Compensate Developers While Giving Consumers Free Games

Android users can start playing “actually free” games now.

Facebook Launches Its own Siri-like Virtual Assistant, M

The new program is powered by both artificial intelligence and real people.

Soon You Will Be Able to “Meet Vincent van Gogh” in a Virtual, Interdisciplinary Exhibit

Just the way the artist intended.

The Incredibly Under-Adapted Life of Steve Jobs Will Be the Focus of an Upcoming Opera

But, why?

Internet Justice! Twitter Taking Steps to Protect Intellectual Property from Soulless Copycats

Plagiarists beware.

IBM’s Dear Watson Is Now Able to Analyze Your Writing and You Totally Shouldn’t Be Scared at all

“No more games.” – Watson

Tender: It’s like Tinder, but for Food

Swipe right if the term “food porn” doesn’t make you uncomfortable.


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