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Roy Wood Jr. Is Writing Jokes for Everyone

The “Daily Show” correspondent has been touring the country and telling political jokes—but not just for “Daily Show” crowds.

In Conversation: Wyatt Cenac Has Some Problems to Discuss

The “Problem Areas” creator navigates diversity in the writers’ room, gentrification, and the surreality of modern America.

Demetri Martin: Some One-Liners from Someone Else

Demetri Martin has always marched to the beat of his own bits, but after twenty years of quips, skits, and sketches, is he ready to talk about himself?

Announcing FLOOD 4, Available Now for Physical Purchase and Free Download

Featuring cover stories on Neil Young and Dr. Steve Brule.

Stumbling Into Brilliance: An Oral History of “The Daily Show”’s Early Years

Even before it was shaping the national conversation and hosting sitting presidents, The Daily Show was skewering the way the media delivers the news. Ahead of their panel at Politicon, the show’s creators and early correspondents tell us how it all came together.

“The Daily Show” Correspondents to Revisit the Show’s Transformation into Political Heavyweight at Politicon 2016

FLOOD is presenting the live panel that will feature former writers, correspondents, and the show’s co-creator.

WATCH: Jessica Williams Unpacks the Importance of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Appearance on “The Daily Show”

Are you not entertained?

Trevor Noah to Release Memoir about Growing Up in South Africa

The “Daily Show” host’s book will cover a tumultuous childhood, “from the time he was thrown in jail to the time he was thrown from a speeding car driven by murderous gangsters.”

WATCH: Trevor Noah Debuts New “Daily Show” Theme Song, Format

“The Daily Show” returned from break with a new look.

WATCH: Pusha T Debuts “Sunshine” on “The Daily Show”

The Virginia Beach rapper also performs the recently released “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets.”

WATCH: Jon Stewart Returns to “The Daily Show” to Stump for the Zadroga Act

“I heard about this in American TV—have you come to take your show back?”

Contract of Zen: Jon Stewart Signs Deal with HBO

The four-year agreement will find the former “Daily Show” host producing “short-form digital content,” however which way that manifests itself.

Politicon: A Mad Dash to Shake Hands

Our correspondent goes gonzo at the first annual gathering of politicians, pundits, and comedians.

Lewis Black and “The Tonight Show” Writing Staff Added to the New York Comedy Festival

The festival takes over NYC from November 10–15.

Trevor Noah Announces “The Daily Show”‘s First Week of Guests

Ryan Adams will be Noah’s first musical guest.

And The Winners Are: 2015 Emmys Edition

HBO owns the television universe, but now we all get free HBO Go thanks to Andy Samberg!

Everyone From James Carville and Meghan McCain to VICE News and Upright Citizens Brigade to Participate in First-Ever Politicon Conference

Even in the most stern of times, it’s hard not to think of politics as one giant performance. As we inch closer to the 2016 presidential…

WATCH: Jon Stewart Bids Farewell to Sixteen Years at “The Daily Show”


It Starts: The 2015 Emmys Nominations Are Here

“Game of Thrones” leads the pack with twenty-four nominations.

Comedy Central Streaming Every Single “Daily Show” Episode Concurrently in Run-up to Jon Stewart’s Final Show

Here it is, your Month of Zen.

WATCH: Jemaine Clement Is A Good Dad in “People Places Things” Trailer

The Flight of the Conchords star takes on divorce, fatherhood, and cartooning in new film.

WATCH: Trevor Noah Tests Out His “Daily Show” Intros

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” starts on September 28

WATCH: “The Daily Show” Says Goodbye to Senior “Senior Correspondent” Correspondent Samantha Bee

“So we hid her in a trunk and raced back over the border, pursued by Mounties. Canada had no idea what it was losing.”

WATCH: Jon Stewart Weighs In On Trevor Noah Backlash

Last week, the world for fans of The Daily Show was turned upside down when Comedy Central announced Jon Stewart‘s replacement Trevor Noah, and things…

Trevor Noah’s Twitter Past Might Hurt His “Daily Show” Future

The Internet’s wrath is swift.

New Correspondent Trevor Noah Chosen to Replace Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”

There is no set timetable for your upcoming tears of goodbye, yet

Jason Jones Is Leaving “The Daily Show,” Too [UPDATED]

The prospective new “Daily Show” host contenders are dwindling by the week.

Jon Stewart Is Leaving “The Daily Show” [Updated]

Comedy Central has announced the surprising news that Jon Stewart will be stepping down from The Daily Show. Thank you Jon. pic.twitter.com/yPdxjnkuLw — Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) February…


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