Tag: Tim Burton

WATCH: Get a Virtual Tour of the Neon Museum’s Tim Burton Exhibit

It’s the filmmaker’s first North American show in almost ten years, featuring both vintage and new original work.

Want To Cry? Arcade Fire’s New “Dumbo” Track Can Make You Do That

The band is reprising “Baby Mine,” the saddest tune from the O.G. Disney flick, for Tim Burton’s remake. 

Spirits, Dead Kids, and Things That Go Bump in Edward Gorey’s Night

On the artist’s elegant-goth style, his wide-ranging influence, and his non-existent love life.

Thirty Years Later, “Beetlejuice” Still Jangles with Energy

Regardless of how “Beetlejuice 2” turns out, Tim Burton’s breakthrough is a lively movie about death that stands the test of mold-covered time.

WATCH (AND CRY): Nic Cage Tries on His Superman Costume in “Holy Grail” Footage from Tim Burton’s Failed ’90s Reboot

It was too good for this Earth. Too pure.

WATCH: Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz Star In “Big Eyes”

Stepping away from his usual cast and dreary color palette, director Tim Burton has completed a biopic about artists Walter and Margaret Keane titled Big Eyes. Amy…


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