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Please Consider Megan Amram (For Something)

The Twitter maven, comedian, and writer for “The Good Place” has been awards-scheming with her webseries “An Emmy for Megan.”

There’s a “Fruit Ninja” Movie Coming, So Here are Eight More Totally Legit Films Based on iPhone Apps

If “Angry Birds” can be the most popular movie in America, why not Google Maps?

Internet Justice! Twitter Taking Steps to Protect Intellectual Property from Soulless Copycats

Plagiarists beware.

Take a Look at Matthew Weiner’s Ambitious “Mad Men” Series Ending To-Do List

Sal—what happened to him?

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones Live-Tweets “San Andreas” Premiere and It’s Excellent

Not to mention educational!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Takes to Twitter to Explain Why “Interstellar” Totally Nailed The Whole Science Thing

As you already know, Christopher Nolan’s space-epic Interstellar came out last week, effectively taking over this world by telling a story about humans having to…

Are You Following NASA On Twitter? Here’s A Few Reasons Why You Should Be Following NASA On Twitter

Of course, Twitter is a complicated place. It’s an interesting/frustrating mix of Normals, celebrities, companies, brands, pets, and fake things that are either very good, very…


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