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A Somewhat-Scientific Look at 5 of the Best Yoga Records of All Time

Experiential yogist Dalton Grant considers the technical factors that make a record “yogic,” and lists the five albums that best fit the description.

The 5 Best Guitarists Who Are Also Men

Any man can play guitar—but here are five men who are actually pretty good.

U2, “Songs of Experience”

At fifty-seven, Bono remains weirdly obsessed with charting a song on the radio, and hopelessly committed to the idea that rock and roll can still change the world.

U2, “The Joshua Tree: 30th Anniversary Edition”

“The Joshua Tree” is a record so universal, so full of modern pop hymns, that people probably wouldn’t have minded it showing up automatically on their iPhones.

Kendrick Lamar, “DAMN.”

“DAMN.” bears our struggle and triumph, swagger and fear, success and uncertainty, love and original sin.

The Entertainment Community Responds to the Horrific Attacks in Paris

“And third, it is important to remember that nothing about what these assholes are trying to do is going to work.”

“A Man of Genius Makes No Mistakes”: A Joycean Playlist Just in Time for Bloomsday 2015

“I think of you so often you have no idea.”

LIVE: It’s Good to See the Spectacle Back in Rock: U2’s Opening Night at The Forum (5/26/15)

“No city has been kinder to us.”

Are You Ready For Some—: Ranking the Last 22 Years of Super Bowl Halftime Shows From Worst to Best

Lip-synching, unplugged instruments, and blatant product placements, oh my!

More Awards, More Nominations: The Grammys Announce Their List for 2015 [UPDATED]

The Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences are making a whole morning event to announce their list of nominations for their 57th annual awards show, the…

U2, “Songs of Innocence”

If you clicked over to your iTunes account right now, you would find U2’s thirteenth full-length already in your library, thanks to Apple’s Tim Cook and the creepiness of the Internet.

Apple Unveils New Products Including Apple Watch and Two New iPhones

The tech giant revealed not just one, but three new products, and some major improvement features to go with them.


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