Tag: Virtual Reality

A Visit to Tónandi, Sigur Rós’s Virtual World Built on Billion-Dollar Technology

Via the natural collaboration of an LA-based startup and…an iconic Icelandic art-rock band (??), you can now add a surreal layer to the real world.

Tribeca Film Festival 2016: The Virtual Arcade

Sure, Tribeca’s short films were mind expanding and its stack of features were narratively ambitious. But its virtual reality component managed to do both.

Virtual Reality Helps America Get a 360 Degree Look at Bernie Sanders

The future of campaigning is here.

Lucasfilm Wants All of Your Mind for Upcoming “Star Wars” Virtual Reality Experience

First step is finding a way to make the VR helmets not look dorky as hell, guys.

WATCH: Björk’s Gorgeous “Stonemilker” Video Is Made for Oculus Rift

It’s still pretty wonderful if you don’t have the VR headset, though.

Prepare Your Minds: Oculus Rift Headsets Will Be Ready to Ship Early Next Year

The future awaits. And it looks like a big black block on your face.

Breaking: Chris Milk/VRSE

The famed visual artist discusses his avant-garde progression with art by way of virtual reality.


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