LISTEN: Repent, For the End Is Nigh On Lord Huron’s New Track “The World Ender”

Strange Trails is out April 7 via IAMSOUND

Last month, Lord Huron revealed the first taste of their follow-up to 2012’s Lonesome Dreams with the campfire diddy “Fool for Love,” and today they stoked up the flames with another foot-stomper, “The World Ender.”

The new track finds frontman Ben Schneider toying with the narrative possibilities of first-person songs, particularly when applied to shifty, oh-no-what-did-they-do type characters on the lam. It might remind you of the music from another dude with the initials B.S.—I forget which.

Speaking of a possible link between Lonesome Dreams and the upcoming Strange Trails, Schneider explains, “There’s no direct narrative connection between the two albums. The stories here are separated by time, location, and characters. Many of the themes have carried over and evolved.”

Start preparing your future think piece on what it all means, and check out the Stereogum-premiered track “The World Ender” below.

Strange Trails arrives April 7 via IAMSOUND.


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