Tom Brosseau, “Perfect Abandon”

Tom_Brosseau-2015-Perfect_Abandon-Cover_ArtTom Brosseau
Perfect Abandon

At a time when folk music has been commercialized to the point where it’s now considered mainstream, Tom Brosseau is a welcomed throwback. The Los Angeles (via North Dakota) singer has the rare ability to make the mundane lively through his poetic storytelling. Using only a single microphone, Perfect Abandon is an apt description of how Brosseau crafted the album. It’s just a man and his instrument, nothing more. The deafening silence surrounding his voice and sweetly picked guitar allows Brosseau to showcase his strengths as a songwriter within the infinite sonic space. The religious overtones are plentiful (and in nearly every song), but manage to sound reflective instead of persuasive. Brosseau can humbly describe his place in the surrounding world in a way that doesn’t sound small or trite, which is a gift unto itself, and through Perfect Abandon, he helps listeners understand their place as well.


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