Killer Mike Lectures On the State of Equality in America at NYU

Class is now in session.

Those who follow the music and opinions of Killer Mike know that he is a dedicated and outspoken advocate for acceptance and equality in America and beyond. Living up to his emcee name, this was on maximum display last November when Mike gave an impassioned speech at a Run the Jewels show in St. Louis immediately following the grand jury decision not to prosecute Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

On Monday in New York, Mike took the podium at NYU to discuss his beliefs in detail as part of a lecture at the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life. Topics during his appearance ranged from police brutality to broken prison systems, and highlighted the importance of seeking out the change that you wish to see. He explained, “I’m here to challenge you to find someone who doesn’t look like you, who isn’t culturally where you are from, who did not grow up geographically near you and to befriend that person.”

Speaking with a message of cautious hope and optimism, Mike further elaborated on the role of each citizen, saying, “If this country is ever going to be what it promised to be or what it potentially could be, it is going to be on us. All of us that look different, that talk different, that are from different places, it is going to be on us to find common ground to build.”

(via Washington Square News)


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