RECAP: Flea and Grammy–winning Producer Detail Hop Aboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (2/13/15)

Local kids got a firsthand look at how to make a music track, from conception to creation

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
February 13

Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center

Los Angeles, California 

This past Friday, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus pulled up to the community arts center in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Crenshaw and gave local school children a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Aboard the state-of-the-art touring record studio, the talented kids had the chance to work together to write, create, perform, and mix a brand-new song with production duties by none other than Noel Fisher—better known as the Detail—the Grammy Award–winning producer for acts like Beyoncé and Drake. In addition to the ability to learn from a masterful producer, the kids got some one-on-one time with the bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers (and one of the nicest guys on Earth) Flea. Cramming into the bus with the kids, he taught them how to lay down a great groove, while building a full sound for the entire track. With the Lennon bus rolling through different cities across the country (as part of its tour in celebration of what would have been Lennon’s seventy-fifth birthday) and educating kids how to open their mind and hearts to creativity, some of music’s biggest stars have been ready and willing to check out the digs, and the talent. Who knows, the future of the industry might be right on this bus.



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