A Few of the Most Insane Moments From the New “Mad Max: Fury Road” Trailer

It's still a lovely day, despite all the explosions.

We’re just about six weeks out from the return of George Miller’s epically explosive dystopian joyride reboot of Mad Max and this week we got a longer theatrical trailer that provides some more details about the plot and what Max (Tom Hardy, who recently estimated he has between four and ten lines of dialogue in the film) and Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron, who likely signed up the minute she saw her character was called “Imperator Furiosa”) are up to in the desert—and it looks like they’re mostly exploding stuff.

Without further ado, here’s a few of the most insane moments from the new trailer, soundtracked to the recently released first piece of Junkie XL’s score to the film. Boom.

madmax-insane1 madmax-insane3 madmax-insane4 madmax-insane5 madmax-insane6 madmax-insane7 madmax-insane8 madmax-insane9 madmax-insaneheadbutt

Mad Max: Fury Road is out in theaters May 15.


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