The Soft Moon, “Deeper”

11183_JKTThe Soft Moon

Psychedelic noise-monger Luis Vasquez has an ability to write songs that are hard to listen to, yet somehow beguiling. For his third album as The Soft Moon, Vasquez once again challenges listeners to feel his art, rather than simply consuming easy and pleasant compositions. There’s plenty to cower from or admire within Deeper—including, first and foremost, the ferocity of the LP’s electronic stamping. “Far” puts the sad in sadistic, as a melancholy guitar riff bobbles above a tumultuous tide of noise. There’s a desire for horror ballads as well, but nothing here has the satisfying impact of other “darkwave” bands, even with the slight cerebral moments of “Wasting,” like some walking meditation through a junkyard. It feels as though Vasquez is still honing his craft, and his latest full-length reflects that labored progress. If he can accentuate his emotional light and dark sides whilst remaining focused on the songs, he might produce magic.


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