WATCH: Strong Female Stars Stand Together in Trailer for “Suffragette”

"It's deeds, not words, that will get us the vote."

Later this year—coincidentally (or not) right around when the high feeling of award-show-buzz starts floating through the air of Hollywood—Focus Features will release a film that stars Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Meryl Streep as “the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement.” Give them all the Oscars now, please.

Suffragette follows the story of brave British women who stood up to authorities, conventions, and the men in their lives through any means necessary to help ensure the right to vote for all. Directed by Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane) and written by Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady, Brick Lane), the film’s first trailer gives audiences a glimpse at the politically charged, period drama with a haunting version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” as its soundtrack. Beyond the main three female leads (in a film that will definitely pass the Bechdel test), Suffragette‘s cast includes Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson.











Suffragette is scheduled to be released in New York and Los Angeles on October 23, but will be available across the US by November 6.

(via Deadline)


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