WATCH: The Ghost of Glam Lives On in Sheer Mag’s Musty “Fan The Flames” Video

II 7” is out now on Katorga Works

Rugged Philadelphia glam-rockers Sheer Mag are an excellent case study as to why the Internet is good for music. Their first EP—simply titled 7”came out of nowhere late last year and, slowly but surely, the release gathered up baffled and gleeful acclaim for being the most fun and dirty eleven minutes of music made in 2014…that no one heard until 2015.

Not wasting any time, the quartet is back with another EP—an equally satisfying fourteen-minute collection aptly titled II 7”.  Following the release of “Button Up” as the first taste, EP opener “Fan The Flames” has now been hit with the video treatment. It’s a hybrid collection of show footage and no-frills instrument close-ups that perfectly encapsulates the T. Rex meets Black Flag universe that Sheer Mag occupies.

II 7” is out now via Katorga Works.

(via Ad Hoc)


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