WATCH: Apparently the Apparently Kid Is Really Good at Talking Smack

Chris Pratt went head-to-head with the pint-sized Internet star on Ellen

Rule number one: Never ever challenge a young kid who’s got a taste of worldwide fame, and just happens to be obsessed with dinosaurs to a dino fact trivia contest. It will not end well for you.

That’s what all-around amazing human being Chris Pratt (just check out his Super Bowl wager with Chris Evans for further proof) found out the hard (but delightful) way this morning. The handsome star of Jurassic World was merely on Ellen to promote his upcoming movie about a sweet—and definitely save—theme park, but once he agreed to compete against Internet sensation Noah Ritter, the casual morning talk show vibe transformed into a bloodthirsty battle of wits.

The game? “Dino-Wrong or Dino-Right.” How to win? Know more about dinosaurs, and be quick. The result? Ritter leaving Pratt in his wake with several right, I mean Dino-Right, answers as well as excellent end-zone-style victory dances.

Jurassic World is out on June 12, but Noah Ritter’s victory party will last forever.

(via Paper)


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