WATCH: BEA1991 Releases New, Steamy Video for “Candid Breaks the Strain”

The Dutch singer has also made an EP of unreleased material available for free.

You may not know Dutch singer BEA1991 (pronounced “bay-uh”) right now, but before 2015 closes, she’ll likely be everywhere.

Capturing a subtle, but powerful sensuousness, she released a series of excellent singles last year—“Safe Ground,” “Breadwinner,” and “We’re Like the Hard Born,” among them—without much accompanying background information or details. Those tracks later became her debut EP Good Thinking, which garnered lots of acclaim, but was still released under a general air of mystery.

Now, BEA1991 has emerged again with a brand-new music video for a new(ish) song, which features the singer pensively performing “Candid Breaks the Strain” wrapped only in a towel. Fresh.

Along with the new track and video, BEA has also released an EP of unreleased material for free on her website. And, it seems like we might be hearing lots more from her soon.

“These are all songs I wish I would have released right after they were finished,” the singer says. “A work ethic that increases my productivity and something I am going to put into action from now on! Together, the tracks form a retrospective stockpile of the material that has been lying under a desert rock—which, in a way, already makes them relevant whether I personally still enjoy them or not. By deciding to put them out I want to communicate a format in which spontaneity becomes more important than any type of structural accuracy in releasing music.”

You can download the Songs of 2k11 EP for free over at BEA1991’s website.


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