The Tallest Man on Earth, “Dark Bird Is Home”

Tallest-Man-On-Eart_Dark-Bird-is-Home_coverThe Tallest Man on Earth
Dark Bird Is Home

Kristian Matsson’s fourth album as The Tallest Man on Earth, Dark Bird Is Home, is a release full of growth for himself and a test of his capable backing band. While the first minute of album opener “Fields of Our Home” is reminiscent of his older work—just Matsson feverishly strumming an acoustic guitar and warbling into an empty abyss—the track bursts wide open with delicate harmonies and a swelling string section. It’s the perfect introduction to the expanded mind and sound of The Tallest Man on Earth, a man who is able to incorporate angelic backing vocalists and spacey electronic production with ease. “Sagres,” “Timothy,” and the slow-building title track confidently point towards the future of Matsson’s more inclusive sound, while piano-led nostalgia piece “Little Nowhere Towns” and romantic strummers “Beginners” and “Slow Dance” should remind longtime fans of the old days. At times the album is scattered in its approach, but overall Dark Bird Is Home is an ambitious and playful journey into Matsson’s fruitful future.


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