WATCH: Girlpool Look Back in Video for “When the World Was Big”

The Los Angeles duo cavort around Coney Island, reminisce the days of youth in Super 8.

A few identifiable trends have emerged the more we hear (and love) from Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker of Girlpool. The girls take a simple, straightforward approach to their music—just a bass, a guitar, and their voices—and waxing lyrical on themes of nostalgia and days gone by. And while “childlike” is one was to describe the duo’s music (the album cover for their debut is a illustration of that), Tividad and Tucker also have the tendency to shatter eardrums with what amounts to emotionally visceral, musical tantrum-throwing. Their music is sweet and carefree, but not without razor-sharp edges and cathartic relief.

Their new video for the title track of their record demonstrates both, with Super 8–shot footage of a day at Coney Island—a bastion of the past that is continually in danger of disappearing from memory, existence, or just into the ocean—as the girls lament the days “before the world was big.”

Before the World Was Big is out June 2 on Wichita.


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