WATCH: Best Coast Get “Crazy” in Live Performance of “Each And Every Day” for Guitar Center and Converse’s Get Out of the Garage

Bethany Cosentino heads back to her band’s debut album Crazy for You at the Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn.

Even though the band name proclaims a certain amount of coastal preference (OK, a lot of coastal preference), Best Coast will always have a home back east in the hearts of windswept fans won over in the past five years by Bethany Cosentino’s confessional pop-rock tunes.

When the group stopped by the Rubber Tracks recording studio in Brooklyn for Guitar Center and Converse’s Get Out of the Garage concert event, the New York Best Coast devotees were there to take it all in, and were treated to a set that covered newer California Nights tunes like “Heaven Sent,” and also revisited classics like the Crazy for You deep cut “Each And Every Day.”

California Nights is out now via Harvest.


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