Take a Look at Matthew Weiner’s Ambitious “Mad Men” Series Ending To-Do List

Sal—what happened to him?

I can only assume that at the end of every long-time, beloved television show, the most common phrase uttered by fans that are still grabbing for any sense of identity in a world without that show is, “But what about _____?” What about your favorite character? What about a really small thing that was mentioned two seasons ago but never came back? What about! What about!

No showrunner can tie up all the loose ends of their series, unless they are willing to compromise the integrity of the show, but knowing what you want to attempt, and making sure that you tell the story you want to is, ultimately, all that matters. With Mad Men‘s final half-season and satisfying series finale, Matthew Weiner proved that he made his true vision a reality.

Last night, Entertainment Weekly‘s Anthony Breznican tweeted a photo of Weiner’s end of series “wish list” from an official Q&A with the show’s writers, which shows how many different directions Mad Men’s season 7.5 could have gone.

Things on the list that would have been great additions to the ending season:

“Sal—what happened to him?”


“Pete’s Knowledge of who Don Is”




One final burning question that wasn’t brought up on that piece of paper:

What the hell happened to Bob Benson?


(via Slate)


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