Candy’s “It’s Inside You” Influences Playlist

The band shares how Bad Brains, Squarepusher, NIN, and more helped shape their third LP, arriving this week via Relapse.

Candy’s It’s Inside You Influences Playlist

The band shares how Bad Brains, Squarepusher, NIN, and more helped shape their third LP, arriving this week via Relapse.

Words: Mike LeSuer

Photo: Jason Nocito

June 06, 2024

Somehow it made perfect sense that Candy announced their third album It’s Inside You with a track that takes its name from what is arguably David Cronenberg’s most Cronenbergian film, in which the brutality of the real world gets muddled up with the brutality of the digital landscape humans have created and increasingly immersed ourselves in. eXistenZ is the perfect metaphor for the Virginia group’s distinct blend of extreme rock music and deep-web electronic sounds, seamlessly fusing hardcore power riffs with breakbeats and record scratches invoking the era of Mike Shinoda on It’s Inside You

More so than the band’s previous material, this one is a complex network of DNA from various sources outside of the band. The list of features on the first half of the record includes Integrity’s Aaron Melnick, Trapped Under Ice’s Justice Tripp, Trash Talk’s David Gagliardi, and the ambient dream-pop artists Misry and mmph, while the entire record receives its sharp edge from co-producer Ben Greenberg, one half of the industrial-metal shapeshifters Uniform. Meanwhile, as they explain below, Candy weren’t shy about borrowing sounds (and instruments) from artists they idolize ranging from the raw hardcore-punk of Bad Brains to the jungle breaks of Squarepusher—all while maintaining a reasonable FFO classification for the crossover pop-hardcore unit Turnstile (the anthemic “Love Like Snow” in particular feels akin to Glow On). 

With the record out tomorrow via Relapse, find their full playlist of influences below.

Atari Teenage Riot, “Into the Death”
The way ATR is able to fuse hardcore/jungle/metal/acid is really inspiring to us as a band as a whole. This song is a great example of that fusion of guitar and electronics while maintaining an impressive amount of energy the entirety of the song. 

Bad Brains, “Soul Craft” 
First thing you hear is H.R. Second thing you hear is the drums we recorded It’s Inside You with. An absolute honor to use Mackie’s drums. 

Napalm Death, “From Enslavement to Obliteration”
This record is always in the back of our minds when writing. The tone and pure aggression that come from this band are absolutely unlike anything else. Big inspiration for “Terror Management.” 

Cro-Mags, “Apocalypse Now”
Gold Star for hardcore breakdown. Title track breakdown inspo. 

Integrity, “Abraxas Annihilation” 
Integrity is in the DNA of Candy. We were super fortunate to have Aaron Melnick record a solo on “Short Circuit.” The lamb and the goat have fused as one. 

Fear Factory, “Scapegoat” (Pigfuck Mix) 
Heavy song and heavier remix bringing in new electronics to the mix.

Terrorizer, “Injustice”
1989 grind recorded in Tampa. Political and nihilistic in the best ways. Are we living in a world just to die? 

Nine Inch Nails, “Happiness in Slavery”
This song is incredible. Live at Woodstock ’94 is mind-blowing. Ben Greenberg used this as an example when we were recording “Dehumanize Me” to try and nail the harsh and abrasive vocals while maintaining the melody and catchiness to the song.  

Psychic TV, “White Nights” 
Psychic TV does such an amazing job at building a whole world for you to enjoy. Something super admirable for us as a band. As with every release of ours, there’s some PTV involved. 

Squarepusher, “Go! Spastic” 
Classic way-fast jungle breaks. Hypercore. 

Cold World, “Ice Grillz”