Patsy Cline Hologram to Walk the Floors on “Interactive” Concert Tour

It's the first-ever touring performance from the same company that made the Tupac hologram.

As Stereogum reports via Billboard, you’ll seen be able to see country music icon Patsy Cline in the quasi-flesh. Hologram USA, the same company that made the infamous Tupac Shakur hologram for Coachella in 2012, will be taking a holographic version of Patsy Cline on tour across the country. The tour will kick off sometime in 2016 and will feature “performance, commentary, and audience interaction.”

It’s not yet clear what kind of performance the hologram will be able to give. Hologram USA is working in partnership with Cline’s estate, who presumably own plenty of archival footage of the famed singer. But Cline, for all her incredible popularity during her lifetime, did not work during the age of mass-market TV and persistent video. Simply put, there’s far less of Patsy Cline to work with than there is of, say, Amy Winehouse—or even Tupac.

Regardless, the tour will be an interesting way for Cline’s music—and, by extension, any musician who is unable to perform live for whatever reason—to reach a new generation of listeners in a somewhat visceral way.


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