Get Nicolas Jaar’s “Pomegranates” Now For Free

Avant-garde electronic musician makes his soundtrack to 1969 Soviet film available for download.

Earlier this year, electronic composer (and DARKSIDE member) Nicolas Jaar composed a companion score to the 1969 Soviet film The Colour of Pomegranates. Last night in a tweet, he made the score available for download.

As Jaar says in a note that accompanies the .zip file, he began work on this music before having even heard of The Colour of Pomegranate. “I was making music in my living room when a huge water bug started dancing on top of some cables on the floor,” he says. “Instead of killing it, I decided to make music for it. I called the track ‘Garden of Eden’ because I slowly started seeing the little creature as my friend and helper, and my studio as a garden.” Other tracks were recorded as beats for rappers, TV show scores, and ways to pass time while Jaar was living at home with his parents. After seeing the film on a friend’s recommendation, he recognized that its thematic concerns synced perfectly with the music he’d been composing. Thus, Pomegranates.

Click below to give the album a listen.

Pomegranates track list

“Garden of Eden”
“Pass the Time”
“The Fool and His Harem”
“Near Death”
“Beasts of This Earth”
“Fall Into Time”
“Folie à Deux”
“Screams at the Edge of Dawn”
“Three Windows”
“Tower of Sin”
“Club Kapital”

(via Pitchfork)


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