WATCH: Patrick Stickles Battles His Doppelgänger in Titus Andronicus’ “The Magic Morning” Short Film

Taken from Act II of the group's forthcoming The Most Lamentable Tragedy

Patrick Stickles is no stranger to punk-rock musicals. Now the Titus Andronicus frontman has one of his own. “The Magic Morning” is a dramatic enactment of Act II of the ambitious New Jersey punks’ forthcoming The Most Lamentable Tragedy. The film stars Stickles as “Our Hero,” TMLT‘s protagonist, as he confronts “The Lookalike,” a suspiciously familiar (and suspiciously clean-shaven) face. Plus: synchronized dancing!

Stickles—who, it should be noted, once harbored ambitions toward being an English professor—also posted TMLT‘s complete lyrics to annotation site Genius; he’ll be adding his commentary to the tracks as the album’s release date grows nearer. Check those out here, and spend a few minutes pondering the nature of man with “The Magic Morning” below.

The Most Lamentable Tragedy is out July 28 on Merge.


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