EZTV, “Calling Out”

EZTV-2015-Calling_Out-cover (1400x)EZTV
Calling Out

EZTV’s full-length debut Calling Out lands fully formed and ready to satisfy our (perhaps unrealized, but absolutely necessary) summery need for the sweet sounds of jangly power-pop. It’s been a while since we felt the playful influence of the last generation of pure popsters such as The Feelies, The Posies, Big Star et al, and this Brooklyn three-piece is here to remind us of the unadulterated joy that can come from the sound of clean, echoey guitars and high, plaintive harmonies. Calling Out follows a fairly straightforward path from start to finish, as any good pop-rock album should: guitars lead the way, vocals enter to tell universal stories of urban, existential, and romantic frustrations. There are some sonic flourishes—“Dust in the Sky” adds a new wave beat and “Blue Buzz” leads with an acoustic guitar—but it’s the album’s simplicity that make it so addictive.


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